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This is the beginning of a discussion around eating disorders - each story is an individual experience, and participants are experts on their OWN stories, and do not represent the breadth of all eating disorders.

If you've been effected by any of the content within our campaign please find a support page we have put together with links to websites, articles and helplines.

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NHS website:


Beat: the UK’s eating disorder charity. Founded in 1989 as the Eating Disorders Association, our mission is to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Immediate Beat Helpline and Support:

Do Men Get Eating Disorders?


National Centre for Eating Disorders: 


Talk ED: National Charity supporting anyone affected by Eating Disorders & Eating Distress 

Resources section: 


Local Services:

Navigo immediate helpline - local


Rharian Fields: Navigo Specialist Eating Disorder Facility


Addictive Eaters Anonymous: Local meetings, Grimsby & North East Lincolnshire 


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