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Bailey Greetham-Clark

Founder, Tedx speaker & social entrepreneur


I'm Bailey Greetham-Clark, a passionate advocate for community well-being and inclusivity. With a vision to break down barriers to fitness, I founded BeGreatFitness at the age of 17 during the global pandemic. Since then, we've grown into a thriving community-focused health and well-being company, making fitness accessible to all, from adults with additional needs to children with behavioral challenges. Through innovative fitness programs in schools, care homes, and community centers, we're on a mission to empower individuals of all abilities. With a commitment to small business resilience and community impact, I'm dedicated to driving positive change and creating a supportive, inclusive environment for everyone.

A Bit About Me


Work Experience

September 2020 - 

September 2021- September 2023

Now -

I started my company in the middle of the global pandemic in order to help those more vulnerable groups access some form of physical activity 

Over the last 3 years Ive built my  company up to ensure fitness has been accessible to just under 2000 people at no cost, Ive done a ted talk on my work, spoke at events all of the UK from the excel centre to multiple university's. We've won multiple awards and built up a large social following on Tiktok.

My plans moving forward are to expand our reach and help as many more people as physically possible. I'm planning on speaking at more events in aims to inspire others by my story and ensure our mission is spread far and wide.



Book me in! 

Whether you'd like me to speak at your event, school or workspace, reach out! 

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