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Making Wednesday worth it!

It was another day, another breakfast club session visiting the lovely staff and pupils of St Mary’s, as much as this session is about the children being ready for the school day ahead, this session each morning is such a fulfilling thing for me to do personally, knowing that the children enjoy seeing me first thing everyday is something that never fails to fill me with immense pride!

Today, the idea for our breakfast club was to get familiar with the game of Bench ball, something that the children had made me aware that they haven't really played much of before. They managed to understand the rules and understood how to win the game quite quickly, we managed to get two games done and mixed the teams after the first game because it was a bit of a landslide win for the bibs team!

After the overriding success of learning the basics of what is a quite a difficult game to understand, we decided to have a good old fashioned game of dodge ball, the children have been asking for a few days for this and I finally caved.

The children were extremely safe and careful with regards to each other and all the equipment in the hall, this was the reason i was quite apprehensive to let them play such a game. But all credit is given to the group as they behaved admirably!



Funky little Wednesday Detour

10:30 - 11:30:

Each Wednesday Bailey visits a group called Flourish and over the last few Wednesdays I've joined him due to the fun that we have in this session!

Flourish are a group of adults that attend a day service for additional needs, which could possibly one of the most rewarding sessions of the week. We (me included) participate in very vigorous box fit sessions, which will push you to your limits if involved. This session in particular was easier than weeks previous for me personally because I wasn't as involved as I have been.

Consistent exercise and consistent positive vibes throughout this session really does make this a massive highlight in our week, for me personally and for us as a company!




Afternoon boogie

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, we travel to visit the wonderful staff and children of Bursar Primary School which never fails to disappoint!

This term we are delivering 3 different PE sessions to the pupils of Bursar: Ball Games, Dance: Jazz and Circuits, for Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 respectively.

For me personally Ball Games and Circuits are something that aren't alien to me personally as a coach and/or PE Teacher. But Jazz themed dance is a new one for me but I'm determined to have learnt a great deal (from teaching these sessions) and from the children that might have dance backgrounds by the end of the term.

But before each session we deliver a lunch time club for the children that consists of a different sports activity most days, so today for example we delivered an obstacle course that was continuous for all year groups.

It involved skills like balancing, accuracy and agility to maximize the energy and concentration output during a short space of time.

Today's afternoon PE lesson was Jazz dance (hence the title of this afternoons session). I was looking forward to this session but also quite nervous. The reason for this was because, I'm a massive fan of all music but I'm not much of a dancer at all, but on the other hand it's another chance for me learn something new and get familiar with teaching something new!

We started by seeing what we knew as a group about Jazz music and the origins of it, after a brief explanation by myself we were then trying to figure out what instruments are used in this type of music after listening to an example. The song that was being listened to was 'Hit The Road Jack' by Ray Charles.

Personally there was only one Jazz song that we were going to have on, just because it is a favorite of mine!

After having an excellent go at listening to the music we had a go at learning some Jazz dance moves such as 'The Jazz Square' and 'The Grapevine'. Two dances that are really similar but again, something i had learnt about and never taught.

The success of me personally and all of the children with these dances was something i'm really proud of with it being a subject that is quite alien to me.

So from me to the children in Year 3/4 at Bursar...



After hours:

On Wednesday night, me and Bailey attended ProHas' Health and Safety subscription launch at Docks Beers. This was something new for me but something I was excited for, the opportunity to meet new people and tell people about my story and my journey to where and who I am today, is something I'm never shy at doing.

The next daily update will feature Friday of the same week, in which we are in the same two schools but the lesson are slightly different, stay tuned as this will go live at some point over the weekend (10/11/23)

See you soon!!

Remember to Be Great!


(Each post will end with a daily affirmation, whether it be an inspirational quote or a coaching tip either from myself or one that i have received in the past)

"You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get"


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