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Monday morning blues!

It was another day, another breakfast club session visiting the lovely staff and pupils of St Mary’s, as much as this session is about the children being ready for the school day ahead, this session each morning is such a fulfilling thing for me to do personally, knowing that the children enjoy seeing me first thing everyday is something that never fails to fill me with immense pride!

Today, the focus of our breakfast club session was improving our dodge-ball skills. But to warm up we played a very active game of 'keep it up' The idea of the game is to keep the ball off of the floor but each member of the group is only allowed two touches and you're not allowed to catch the ball. It's a game that the children seem to have a laugh and a joke with and it gets us moving from the very start of the session.

We moved on to our main activity which was a simple game of dodge-ball with some excellent displays of throwing and catching in all kinds of acrobatic ways!

The children were then tasked to only throw the ball below waist height to get someone out. They absolutely smashed it, the behavior was exceptional and they were very honest when it came to being out!




Active afternoons

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, we travel to visit the wonderful staff and children of Bursar Primary School which never fails to disappoint!

This term we are delivering 3 different PE sessions to the pupils of Bursar: Ball Games, Interpretive Dance: Jazz and Circuits, for Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 respectively.

For me personally Ball Games and Circuits are something that aren't alien to me personally as a coach and/or PE Teacher. But Jazz themed dance is a new one for me but I'm determined to have learnt a great deal (from teaching these sessions) and from the children, that have dance backgrounds, by the end of the term.

But before each session we deliver a lunch time club for the children that consists of a different sports activity most days, so today for example I set up a coned out circle on the playground and we played an enjoyable game of 'Head or Catch' If you are told to catch it, you head it, and vise versa!

Today's afternoon PE lesson was Ball Games with Years 1 and 2 which was an enjoyable one for me personally because there is a lot of freedom with regards to the ball games topic...

In today's lesson we started off with a lesson based on the game of hot potato. Due to the ages of the children involved I made made certain I explained the rules and skills needed of the game in language that wouldn't be too complex for them.

We started with some basic passing skills, previous to this, we ran through the names of the passes we are focusing on and learnt last week, and to no surprise the children smashed it. I then asked the children to stand in two circles, which took a little longer than it should've but we got there in the end, the activity was to pass the ball around the circle as fast as possible from start to finish. Each team had a start and an end and would be passing the ball to the person next to them, moving clockwise.

The activity was completed to a really good standard considering the ages of the children in this session which didn't surprise me because of the amount of knowledge the children had retained from last weeks lesson.

The next daily update will feature Wednesday of the same week, in which we are in the same two schools but the lesson are slightly different plus a very enjoyable trip to Flourish, stay tuned as this will go live on Friday (15/11/23)

See you soon!!

Remember to Be Great!


(Each post will end with a daily affirmation, whether it be an inspirational quote or a coaching tip either from myself or one that i have received in the past)

"To ensure you're the focus of the groups attention, speak loud and present yourself in an enthusiastic manner"


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