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"Fun and Successful Seated Exercise Class at Royal Court Care Home"

Residents at Royal Court Care Home were treated to a fun and successful seated exercise class led by Matt, our newest of coaches. The class, which was held in the home's main room, was designed to help residents improve their overall health and well-being through gentle movements and exercises.

One of the highlights of the class was 98-year-old Bob, who participated with great enthusiasm and energy. Despite his advanced age, Bob was able to complete all of the exercises with ease and even offered encouragement to his fellow residents.

The class began with a series of warm-up exercises to get residents' blood flowing and prepare their muscles for the workout ahead. Matt then led the group through a series of exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. These included arm raises, leg raises and much more.

Throughout the class, Matt made sure to offer modifications and variations to accommodate the varying abilities of the residents. He was also on hand to offer assistance and encouragement to those who needed it. The class was a huge success, with residents leaving feeling energized and invigorated. Bob in particular, was an inspiration to everyone and proved that age is just a number when it comes to staying active and healthy.

"Bob was amazing during the class, he had so much energy and was able to complete all the exercises with ease. He is a true inspiration to us all," said Bailey. Overall, the seated exercise class was a great way for residents at Royal Court Care Home to stay active and improve their physical health, and the team is looking forward to running many more classes in the future.

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