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Help Amateur Boxing Survive!

Let’s talk about Boxing for a second...

But first, If we look at a couple of issues amongst our youth, there are two sides I’d like to talk about.

Crime and mental health,

In the year ending March 2019: There were just over 60,200 arrests of children (aged 10-17) by the police in England and Wales.

If we look at children and young people aged 5-19, we find that 1 in 8 (12.8%) have at least one mental disorder.

These two statements don’t shock me, but they do concern me.

Luckily I never had to deal with crime, I never faced these issues, although I did have to deal with poor mental health, boxing saved me it showed me a release, a way out and taught me many skills I use in day to day life. I’ve touched on my past before and mentioned how I was out of school for just over a year, it was due to boxing I managed to get my head on straight and sort my life out, leaving me in a much better place now.

What frustrates me is many others have gone through the same, wether it be crime or mental health there are youth out there suffering. Boxing has proven to decrease crime in some of the worst areas and increase mental health. So many people rely on boxing clubs to keep them in good health or off of the streets.

Let’s help amateur boxing survive!

Clubs around the Uk could be forced to shut down, close their doors never to reopen them. When school finishes at the end of the day these kids spend their evenings in these clubs but some of them will have nowhere to go if boxing is left out of this package which will ultimately see an increase in poor mental health and crime around the Uk and Wales, with no where to go, what do you expect?

This is why it is crucial to sign petitions such as this one!☝🏻

so please take 2 minutes to sign it. It doesn’t cost a thing and will help so many clubs around the Uk to stay afloat during these dire times. I will leave the link in my bio and just below 👇🏻

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