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Our New Look Feedback Forms

We all know how important feedback is to grow and make sure every person in our sessions is having the best time, but don't you think that feedback forms are just a bit... boring?

We thought this was especially the case with our school feedback forms, often it's the teachers filling them out, and a lot of the time they are not even taking part in the session.

Keep scrolling to find our own downloadable form that you can get your hands on TODAY!

So we wanted to change things up, and this is where our totally fresh feedback forms come in. Designed to be totally child-friendly and accessible to all age ranges and abilities, these forms have already helped us gain valuable feedback from some of our schools.

Goxhill Primary School tested out the new forms last week and they went down a storm, check out the video showing the journey and what a great time they had below:

And what did the children have to say about our sessions? Let's have a look...


Download your own copy

Want to change up how you collect feedback at your school or children's group?

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