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PE with music.

PE with music.

As the majority of our participants, clients, and coworkers are already aware, Team BeGreat do things a little bit differently.

When dealing with children between the ages of 6 and 16, one thing we enjoy doing is incorporating music into our physical education programmes or after-school activities. We consider the usage of music to be an excellent tool for managing settings and session pacing. What I mean by that For example, when a session is just getting started, we might choose a more energetic song and gradually turn up the volume as the warm-up progresses, starting out nice and quiet. The goal is to get the group moving, warm, and motivated.

When everyone is warmed up, motivated, and ready to continue, we usually turn the music back down to signal that we, as coaches, are prepared to give the remainder of the class a set of instructions. The music is brilliantly lowered as a subliminal cue that we are now prepared to speak. After instructions have been given, the music resumes at a higher volume to signal that it is now time for them to get to work. As the session progresses, the sound will be lowered, raised, and even the song changed. If we notice that the youth are being a little rowdy on a particular day, we will select more laid-back music with a softer and slower rhythm to calm the young people down. We usually slow the pacing down towards the ned of the sessions in order to cool them back down and get them ready for either, home and or the remainder of their school day.

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