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The inspirational clients at Flourish!

What an absolute honour it was to be invited over to Flourish who do some incredible work with some real inspirational people!

We talked about training, dedication, how to keep focused and many more key aspects of life. While there I was even taught about weighing out food and what goes into meal preparation at Flourish. Flourish have some of the most dedicated, Healthiest clients I’ve seen. I love their dedication to looking after their health. From keeping fit to meal prepping, Some serious thought goes into the mental and physical well being of the clients at Flourish and it’s exactly what we love to see here at BeGreatFitness!

The service was established in April 2018 by Dave McMahon and offers clients access to local amenities and community interaction. Aimed at young adults with learning disabilities who are unemployed and not in full time education. I very much look forward to working with Flourish and hope we can deliver some quality sessions to the incredible clients who attend Flourish’s service !

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