Our Work

Here you can find all of our ongoing or previous projects and (all of our projects are totally free for participants) can read about the work we've done within the community and the people we've helped.


Disability box-fit 


We have worked with Flourish since the very beginning, This project is private, funded by Flourish and enables its clients to educate themselves through sports and fitness while building their physical and social skills, filling them with confidence while keeping them fit! 

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Summer CRM Project

-Welholme works 

For this project we teamed up with Welholme works under the CRM fund, with our aim being to reduce anti social behaviour and offer an alternative method of keeping our youth occupied while diverting their attention away from ABS during the 6 weeks holiday, while also working on their mental health at the same time, offering them the social aspect and the chance to talk about certain topics within the community 


Featured here in the Grimsby Telegraph 

School Project 

-Phoenix park 

This Project is special to us as we've always wanted to work within a school, this gives the opportunity to work with the students on a more persona level, building key relationships. It teaches students a new skill while also working on team building, socialising and physical health

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Stoke mobility session

-Stroke association 

This Project has been a little different for us, but we love it. we have taken on a whole new coach catered to deliver these sessions and help to maximise the mobility of our participants and for the first time we have branched out into a new town! this project is being ran over in Brigg! 

stroke session.jpg
womens project .jpg

Featured here in the Grimsby Telegraph 

Womens Boxfit 

-Sport England 

For this project we're running free Boxfit/ fitness classes for women, creating a safe space. We're Offering female led classes for female participants from 16-74 and Will be giving them the opportunity to keep fit while learning brand new skills and interacting with a fantastic group of women! 

Behavioural project

-Beacon Academy

For this project we're working closely with the behavioural team at Beacon Academy using sport within the school to help divert the attention of the youth to something more positive in order to improve the behaviour of a select group of students.