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Sophie Follan
Deputy head,

lewis dawes
sports lead,
William barcroft

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All students have a right to high-quality physical education, regardless of their starting points or prior involvement in sports and physical activity. The national PE curriculum seeks to guarantee that all students engage in continuous physical activity and gain the skills necessary to flourish in a wide variety of physical activities. We help motivate kids to take part in competitive sports and other extracurricular activities and lead active, healthy lives.

In order to achieve these goals, we emphasise how crucial it is to give students solid grounding in basic motor skills as well as excellent instruction, practise, and feedback.

When BeGreatFitness works with any school, whether in groups or individually, we make sure to maintain this in the forefront of our minds.

benefits of our classes

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- Kate Morgan,

Head teacher - Bursar academy

"The children have thoroughly enjoyed their lunchtime sports sessions. They are enthusiastic and energetic; pupil engagement and enjoyment has been amazing!


Thank you Be Great Fitness!"

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