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As someone who has suffered with poor mental health issues, I feel looking after your mental health is just as, if not more important than looking after your physical health. But a good balance of the two works hand in hand.

I feel like a lot of people will be sharing their personal stories today and a lot more people will be inspired by said stories. With how our society is driven by social media many may think this is a bad thing but some good comes from it, this enables thousands of people around the world to see one single post. If just 1 person could share this post then it may be seen by 5 more and could help someone through their day. So if you think about that, if those five people can share this post and also share their stories then all of a sudden thousands of people are reading inspirational stories and seeking the motivation they need to carry on with their days.

So here’s mine...

I struggled in school. Moving to secondary was tough for me, I moved with no friends and struggled to make new ones, I was quite the introvert and kept to myself. Antisocial is what many people would call it. This made things tough for me, I found myself deteriorating mentally, before I even knew the importance of mental health, I carried on like this until I could no longer, I asked my mum to take me out of school and spent a year spiralling downwards feeling worse and worse each day. Until I built up this kind of prison not only in my home but in my mind, I struggled to leave the house, it was a big deal for me if I had to go out. Of course this brung on horrible consequences. I ate terribly I become chubby grew my hair out and hid behind it. This was a horrible time for me. But one day it all changed I found myself looking in the mirror and wondering what I had became. From then on, I started running. This was a godsend for me. My first ever run wasn’t even half a mile and I ran it in jeans and a T-shirt, I didn’t have gym gear, it never crossed my mind to workout. But exercise was my medicine, suddenly I noticed myself feeling happier striving for more working harder by the day. I got myself into school again, I got myself out and about. Socialising. I even found boxing where I built myself up as an athlete. It all changed from there, yes I still have down days but I'm so much better now.

So please look after your mental health! It’s so important! #begreat

- Bailey Greetham-Clark

Owner / CEO


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Sports and fitness never seemed to cross my mind as a child. Don't get me wrong I was fairly active as a kid, but I was never interested in anything competitive. Finding a sport or even a reason to get into fitness can be quite hard. you may not feel you even need to keep fit. But once that first step is taken, its a whole new world. Once you've found your reason, its pretty tough to stop you. unfortunately, many sports can be very demanding and finding the motivation to keep training can be tough. The best possible ways to get around this is to book yourself into fitness classes or invest in a personal trainer. self motivation isn't always easy. So get yourself booked into that fitness class, pay a little extra for that PT session, because after you've smashed that WOD, the feeling is incredible!