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It was another day, another breakfast club session visiting the lovely staff and pupils of St Mary’s, as much as this session is about the children being ready for the school day ahead, this session each morning is such a fulfilling thing for me to do personally, knowing that the children enjoy seeing me first thing everyday is something that never fails to fill me with immense pride!

Today, the idea for our breakfast club was to get the children to come up with their own game and then we would all play it together. They came up with a game of 'Circle dodge-ball'. One person is in the middle with a few dodge-balls with them, the rest of the group would be running around the coned out circle trying not to get hit, if they were to get hit they would swap with the person in the middle.

The game was a really good idea and because the group came up with the idea, they were all really engaged in the session.




Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, we travel to visit the wonderful staff and children of Bursar Primary School which never fails to disappoint!

This term we are delivering 3 different PE sessions to the pupils of Bursar: Ball Games, Interpretive Dance: Jazz and Circuits, for Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 respectively.

For me personally Ball Games and Circuits are something that aren't alien to me personally as a coach and/or PE Teacher. But Jazz themed dance is a new one for me but I'm determined to have learnt a great deal (from teaching these sessions) and from the children, that have dance backgrounds, by the end of the term.

But before each session we deliver a lunch time club but today because of the weather it was an indoor dinner time. I decided to play a game of Higher or Lower with a large deck of cards. We also played a few other card games that the children taught me, overall it was a really fun start to the afternoon.

This afternoons sessions were slightly different due to Christmas concerts, so i stationed myself in a recommended classroom and each class came to me and did a classroom based mobility and flexibility session. We focused on all key muscle groups and making sure they stretched them and worked the body very well. The children seemed to respond to these sessions really well considering they were in a classroom.

My advice for anyone that is teaching a PE session in a classroom is, make the classroom environment totally different to how it should be normally. Get them out of their chairs as soon as possible and keep them on their feet for as long as possible and try your best to have a bit of a laugh and joke within reason. This is because, if the atmosphere is the exactly the same as a Maths or English lesson for example, they'll struggle to respond as they see PE as a way to burn off steam/energy.

The next daily update will feature Monday of the next week, in which we are in the same two schools but the lesson are slightly different, stay tuned as this will go live on Wednesday (06/12/23)

See you soon!!

Remember to Be Great!


(Each post will end with a daily affirmation, whether it be an inspirational quote or a coaching tip either from myself or one that i have received in the past)



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