We've dived into the care home sector to ensure all care home residents receive high quality mobility work and a good form of exercise in their weekly routines. ultimately we are continuing our mission to make fitness accessible to all and this is just another stepping stone to making our mission nationwide.

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If you missed it, Bailey got the opportunity to sit amongst a few other people within Grimsby’s business community and chat with @keirstarmer about levelling up our town, and how we can bring change and improvements to this great place!

He made sure that our youth were represented well as the future generations, As quoted from business live Humber Bailey said

“My issue is there is still such a small town mentality, so levelling up is key,” said 18-year-old community fitness entrepreneur Bailey Greetham. “We struggle bringing fresh ideas, fresh regeneration in. We are at the end of the line, we are not getting everything everyone has got, people aren’t looking upon us as they do to other places.”

Mr Greetham said: “I talk to people who say fish factory work will do. It will not. We need to work on the teaching offer, make sure opportunities available now are taught.

“We have green energy at scale, but often it is a case of ‘learn a skill or leave’. Why? We need to talk about careers, about finance, law and options instead of just factories and building sites.”

Want to read more? Visit the article on business live Humber’s website!

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