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Supporting the community

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I’d be offering free online sessions to anyone in need of it! Since then I have been in touch with the Flourish group. I’ve worked with them before,

As you may have seen. The service was established in April 2018 by Dave McMahon and offers clients access to local amenities and community interaction. Aimed at young adults with learning disabilities who are unemployed and not in full time education.

Today I got the pleasure of working with the incredible clients from flourish, again! to offer them a fun and interactive training session in which they all absolutely smashed it!

Throughout this lockdown we’ve seen a lot of incredible people shine and help the community out. From delivering school meals to children’s doorsteps, to our very brave NHS workers grafting day in and day out!

The one good thing that has developed from this virus is the incredible community spirit and the strength in which we have developed. Aiding each other when in need! With gyms closed our physical health has suffered although we can keep active in some form, what we can’t improve is our mental health. The gym, the football club, the tennis court. All of these things are a way out. There downtime, as proven time and time again. Mental health and exercise go hand in hand. At a time where our mental health is suffering stuff like this is incredible.

The sensational clients at flourish love their fitness and strive to keep active, today we made it that little bit easier by bringing the exercise class right to their doorstep.

Thank you Flourish! It’s always a pleasure !

So once again my offer is on the table! Wether it’s one to one online pts or group sessions, this is free ! Get in touch, I’m qualified and can help you massively!

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