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Package includes the following:

5X mulit strength resiatnce bands

1X blow  up squeezy ball

1X tennis ball

1X QR code with a series of online seated workout videos


First 20 orders get exclusive packaging (as seen in images).


Introducing the perfect solution for staying active from the comfort of your own chair - the Seated Exercise Starter Pack. This pack is designed specifically for individuals who may have mobility restrictions but still want to stay active. It comes with 5 different strength resistance bands, a blow-up ball, and a tennis ball to cater to various levels of fitness and exercise needs. Additionally, the pack includes a QR code that offers access to a series of seated exercise tutorials, ensuring that you can perform the exercises with proper form and technique. With the Seated Exercise Starter Pack, you can now easily incorporate a variety of exercises into your daily routine without ever leaving your chair.

Seated exercise starter pack

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